Personalization policy for NIKEiD products and personalized socks

Most NIKEiD styles and personalized socks allow you to add a Personalized iD (PiD) to a specific location on the product. A PiD can include a combination of letters, spaces and numbers.

PiD submissions must adhere to Nike's guidelines below, and Nike reserves the right to reject any submitted PiDs.

If your PiD is not accepted, you'll receive an on-screen notification and won't be able to finish customizing until you enter an acceptable PiD. If you believe your PiD was rejected in error, you may request a review of your submission by emailing Nike Customer Service.

PiDs are rejected if they contain any of the following:

  • Profanity
  • Inappropriate slang
  • Insulting or discriminatory content
  • Content construed to incite violence
  • Material that Nike wishes not to place on products
  • Content that violates another party‚Äôs trademark or intellectual property rights (may include words, phrases, celebrity names, professional sports teams, and even certain color combinations when used with particular words or geographic designations)
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