Nike Store Launches – RSVP

RSVP is Nike's process to help manage product launches at Nike retail stores. The RSVP process provides participants an opportunity to stand in the participating Nike store's line to purchase launch product. Nike's intent is to make this a fair and fun process for all participants.

In an attempt to deliver a safe and level playing field, Nike reserves the right to ban any participants who make threats, harass or attempt to cheat or abuse the process by any means, including use of programs or scripts that provide them an unfair advantage. Please see the RSVP Terms and Conditions for more information on this policy and other important details.


On the RSVP launch date, a participating Nike store will send an RSVP tweet at a random time, which is your signal that the RSVP process has started for that Nike store. Users must be following the participating Nike store on Twitter to receive the RSVP tweet. This tweet will include a product-specific hashtag that is circled in the attached image. Users must respond with the complete hashtag that is fully circled in the image, not a hashtag with a circle cutting through it.

Example Tweet from Nike store


Image with correct hashtag circled


Once the RSVP tweet is sent, you must send a Direct Message (DM) to the Nike store in order to participate. The DM must include:

  1. The complete launch product specific hashtag found circled in the image tweeted by the Nike store
  2. Your first and last name
  3. Your shoe size (limit one)

Example DM

As DMs with correct information are received by the Nike store, available launch product inventory will be checked and, subject to availability, the Nike store will send RSVP confirmation tweets via DM to successful participants.

Receipt of a confirmed RSVP DM means the participant has successfully reserved an opportunity to stand in the participating Nike store's line to purchase the requested size. Confirmed RSVP DMs will be sent on a first-respond, first-served basis for your requested size.

Participants with confirmed RSVP DMs must pay for and pick up their launch product (in person with identification matching the confirmed RSVP DM) from the participating Nike store on the day of launch during the timeframe specified by the store. Unclaimed launch product will be re-released at the store's discretion.

How do you submit a correct RSVP request through DM?

Make sure you are following the participating Nike store Twitter account in order to send a DM. Nike does not need to follow you because its Twitter accounts are verified.

Note: Not all apps with Twitter functionality have DM capabilities. Using on a desktop or the official Twitter app on a mobile device is your best option. If you use a different app for Twitter, test it for DM capabilities before RSVP begins. For more information about sending a DM, see the Twitter Help Center.

Twitter RSVP Terms and Conditions

A successful RSVP process helps to ensure a better opportunity for you to purchase NIKE launch product.

NIKE reserves the right to block and/or refuse sale to any participant in the RSVP process that NIKE deems, in its sole discretion, has attempted to cheat or abuse the process, including through use of programs or scripts that allow users to automate their RSVP DM responses to a NIKE store, or engaged in behavior that NIKE deems as inappropriate. In addition, NIKE reserves the right to block any user from following any of its Twitter accounts, which would prevent the user from participating in the RSVP process. Factors that would cause NIKE to block users include, but are not limited to, threats, harassment, annoyance, or any other behavior that NIKE deems as inappropriate.

The RSVP process provides participants an opportunity to stand in the participating NIKE store's line to purchase launch product. Participants receiving confirmed RSVP DM's must comply with all the post-confirmation steps in order to purchase launch product. While NIKE attempts to fulfill all confirmed RSVP DM's, NIKE does not guarantee or warrant that every confirmed RSVP DM launch product order will be fulfilled.

Only those participants who receive confirmed RSVP DM's are allowed to line up at their participating NIKE store for the launch product. Confirmed recipients must provide a valid ID (State/Passport/Military/School ID) with a first and last name that matches the first and last name contained in the confirmed RSVP DM. You may RSVP with someone else's name if you have designated that person to purchase and pick up the launch product on launch day.

Confirmed size and/or colorway on the confirmed RSVP DM cannot be changed.

Quantities of launch product are limited and subject to availability. There is a limit of one launch item per person, per Twitter account, per NIKE launch. For example, if you received two confirmed RSVP DM's for the same launch, only one will be honored.

Confirmed RSVP DM's cannot be sold, transferred, assigned or otherwise provided to anyone else. Confirmed RSVP DMs have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash or for credit towards any purchase.

The RSVP process is subject to change at any time, in NIKE's sole discretion.

NIKE has the right, in its sole discretion, at any time to cancel, modify or suspend an in-process RSVP launch for any reason, including, but not limited to, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failure, or any other reason which in the sole opinion of NIKE affects the security, fairness, integrity, administration, or proper function of the RSVP process. NIKE is not responsible for late, lost incomplete, misdirected, garbled, damaged, delayed or undelivered DM's or for any other communication or delivery errors in connection with the RSVP process.

The RSVP process is provided "AS IS", without warranties of any kind. To the fullest extent permitted by law, NIKE disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. NIKE cannot guarantee, and does not promise, any specific results from participation in the RSVP process. NIKE does not represent or warrant that the RSVP process will be uninterrupted or error-free.

Find your local Nike Store Twitter account:

Store Name City State Twitter Handle
NIKETOWN Boston Boston Massachusetts @NikeBoston
Nike Chicago Chicago Illinois @NikeChicago
Nike Dallas Dallas Texas @NikeDallas
Nike Georgetown Washington D.C. @NikeDC
Nike Las Vegas Las Vegas Nevada @NikeLasVegas
Nike Lenox Atlanta Georgia @NikeATL
Nike Twin Cities Bloomington Minnesota @NikeTwinCities
Nike Portland Portland Oregon @NikePortland
NIKETOWN San Francisco San Francisco California @NikeSF
Nike Scottsdale Scottsdale Arizona @NikeScottsdale
NIKETOWN Seattle Seattle Washington @NikeSeattle
NikeLab 21M New York New York @NikeLab
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