Contact Nike for service in Honduras

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Nike has several websites that provide support and information about Nike products, brand initiatives, corporate news, press releases, and more.

  • Visit for information about Nike products and product availability, use our store locator to view authorized Nike dealers.
  • Visit for information and self-service support for all Nike+ digital sport experiences. Please note that Nike+ products (Nike+ FuelBand, Nike+ SportWatch GPS, Nike+ SportBand, Nike+ Basketball and Nike+ Training) are not available everywhere and offers support in these languages. You may be required to work with the original retailer to replace defective Nike+ products.
  • Visit for information about Nike corporate responsibility, corporate history, careers, press releases, investor news, Nike brand initiatives and more Nike newsand more Nike corporate information.
  • Visit for information about Nike golf gear and availability, authorized Nike Golf dealers, and support FAQs.

For assistance with any Nike products you have purchased, please work with the original retailer.

If you have any other questions about Nike products, please contact your local Nike distributor for assistance.

NIKE Honduras
Torres de Las Americas
Issac Hanono Missri Avenue and Boulevard Punta Darien
Tower C, Level 10, Punta Pacifica
Panama, Republic of Panama
Tel: (507) 397-4800
Fax: (507) 397-4871

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