How to clean Nike shoes

For best results, clean your shoes immediately after exposing them to dirt.


  1. Remove excess dirt first. Use a soft-bristled brush (shoe brush, old toothbrush) to clean the outsole.
  2. Mix warm water and a small amount of laundry detergent so the mixture is slightly soapy.
  3. Use a sponge, soft cloth, or soft brush to apply a small amount of the water/detergent mixture and clean the affected areas.
  4. Using another sponge or soft cloth, apply a small amount of warm water to remove any excess detergent.
  5. Air dry the shoes at room temperature.
  6. Repeat these steps to attempt to remove persistent stains.

Saddle soap can soften leather, so we recommend using it only on leather components on your shoes that are not subject to excessive stress.

Do not use saddle soap on soccer cleats, basketball shoes, golf shoes, training shoes, or any other shoes designed for sports or activities involving lateral movement.

We do NOT recommend any other cleaning methods, placing your shoes in a washing machine or dryer, or using any other products on your shoes such as bleach or other chemicals. Please only follow the guidelines listed above.


  1. Remove the insoles from your shoes.
  2. Follow the same cleaning steps listed above.
  3. Air dry completely before putting the insoles back in the shoes.

If cleaning insoles does not reduce shoe odor, please replace the insoles. Replacement insoles are available at most sporting goods and shoe stores.

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