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  1. Autographs from Nike athletes? Unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill your request. Nike does not solicit sponsored athletes for publicity events. Events are generally handled through the athlete's publicist or agent.
  2. Just Do It The 'Just Do It' ad first came out back in 1988. It quickly became both universal and intensely personal. It spoke of sports. It invited dreams. It was a call to action, a refusal to hear excuses...
  3. How to find Nike sunglasses and optical eyewear Nike sunglasses are available on . Please visit the dealer locator to find retail locations that offer Nike sunglasses and optical eyewear.
  4. Contact Nike for service in Jordan Nike has several websites that provide support and information about Nike products, brand initiatives, corporate news, press releases, and more. Visit for information about Nike products and...
  5. Where to buy LIVESTRONG wristbands LIVESTRONG wristbands are available at .
  6. Nike Golf apparel worn by Nike athletes Nike Golf apparel worn by athletes on tour may have different swoosh logo placement than the Nike Golf and Tiger Woods Collection apparel available to the public. Nike tailors and customizes apparel...
  7. Updating Profile Thank you for expressing an interest in updating your Job Candidate Profile . Unfortunately there is no way to remove documents that have been attached to your profile. However, you can...
  8. Registering Nike Golf products Nike no longer offers golf equipment registration. The Nike Golf warranty is based on the original purchase date, so please hold on to your receipt. If your Nike Golf equipment develops a...
  9. Where to buy Nike golf clubs To find where to buy Nike golf clubs in your area, please use the Nike Store Locator . Expand the "Refine Your Search" section and select "golf".
  10. HTML document Reinvesting dividends