Step 1: Nike USA Footwear Terms & Conditions

  • No refunds. All refunds must be obtained through the original place of purchase only.
  • Any product returned must have been purchased from an authorized Nike dealer.
  • No exchanges due to size, fit, or style selection problems.
  • Nike+ Basketball and Nike+ Training enabled footwear and electronics have a specific written warranty and return policy. Please review these details for proper assistance.
  • For purchase returns please click here and go to Returns and Exchanges.
  • Products purchased through a Nike Factory Store must be returned or exchanged through a Nike Factory Store. For a Nike Factory Store in your area, go to our Store Locator page, enter your ZIP code and search distance, and select Retail Type Nike Factory.
  • If your claim is approved, we will send you a Product Voucher for use on OR a product replacement (same or comparable style) at the sole discretion of Nike.
  • This process is meant as a back up to the retailer and is not intended to be used for ongoing returns. Excessive claims will result in the refusal of future returns at the sole discretion of Nike.

The following WILL NOT be accepted:

  • Any footwear returns that arrive more than 2 years after the manufacturing date (found on the tag inside of the shoe) will be returned without inspection.
  • Products Nike determines in its sole discretion to be free of any material or workmanship flaws.
  • Products evidencing excessive wear, misuse or alteration.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Size, fit, and style selection complaints.
  • Salesman samples or Promotional products.
  • Returns from consumers residing outside the U.S. This includes AS – American Samoa, GU – Guam, FM - Micronesia, MH – Marshall Islands, MP – Mariana Islands, and PW – Palau and PR - Puerto Rico
  • Products purchased outside of the U.S.
  • Product with the labels removed

To receive inspection services, any and all items returned to Nike must meet the following requirements:


You must include a return address on any package sent to our consumer warehouse. For the safety of our employees, any package received without a return address on the outside of the package will be destroyed and Nike will not replace the contents of the package. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • The Nike claim number must be clearly printed on the outside of the package.
  • Each item returned must have a Nike claim number. For example, 2 pairs of shoes must have 2 claim numbers, and both claim numbers must be printed on the outside of the package. Any discrepancy will result in the entire contents returned to sender without inspection.
  • Items purchased in pairs (such as footwear) must be returned in pairs and is considered one item requiring one claim number.
  • Shipments received at the Nike Consumer Warehouse location without a valid claim number will be returned to the sender without inspection
  • Shipping is the consumer’s responsibility. Nike recommends using an insured, trackable shipping method.
  • Nike is not responsible for lost or stolen product that has been denied and returned. Denied claims that are returned to the RLC will be recycled without compensation.
Inspections and Product Voucher Redemption:
  • If your product is deemed to have a material or manufacturing flaw, you will receive a Product Voucher for the suggested retail value of that product.
  • Some Nike Tennis footwear styles have a 6-month outsole guarantee and require the dated original or copy of the original receipt and the original warranty card. This is a one-time Product Voucher replacement.
  • Some Nike Golf footwear styles have waterproof warranties and require the dated original or copy of the original receipt.
  • The Nike Tennis 6-month outsole warranty policy and Golf footwear waterproof warranty is effective only if the claim is received with a dated receipt from a Nike authorized dealer. This receipt must be returned with the claim to receive inspection.
  • Footwear that DOES NOT pass Nike’s inspection process will either be returned with an explanation, or donated to the Reuse-A-Shoe program (determined by the sender when the claim is set up). For the safety of our employees, original shipping boxes and other packaging materials will be recycled and not reused on returned products.
  • Denied product that is returned back to Nike will be recycled.
  • If a product voucher is issued, the returned items will be recycled.
  • Vouchers may be redeemed through (U.S. site) only.
  • Vouchers are nontransferable and are not redeemable for cash.
  • Vouchers cannot be used to purchase Nike Gift Cards.
  • Voucher value will equal Nike's suggested retail price of the item returned.
  • Upon voucher redemption, the order total includes the price of the product(s), any applicable sales tax, and shipping charges. If the order total exceeds the voucher amount, the remaining balance must be paid for by a credit card, PayPal, Nike Gift Card, or another Product Voucher.
  • Unused voucher balances can be used for future purchases on
  • Nike is not responsible for lost or stolen product vouchers. Treat them like cash.
  • Nike reserves the right to suspend or cancel any issued product vouchers that are associated with a violation of our policies. Nike reserves the right to refuse, cancel or hold for review vouchers and orders for suspected fraud, or for vouchers mistakenly issued in an incorrect denomination, or for violations of voucher policies. In addition, Nike reserves the right to void any product vouchers and/or recycle products associated with previous fraudulent or abuse of the claim process.
  • Nike is not responsible for lost or stolen product that has been denied and returned.
  • Any product voucher resold or purchased from a third party, including those purchased on an internet auction site is void and has no value.
  • This is a backup to the retailer and not intended as an ongoing return process.

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